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Default Re: Four things to Ozziecynic


What the fuck are you on?

I think you've mixed up B-R-I-C-K-I-E-S L-A-B-O-U-R-E-R with BIKIE...i'm just guessing.

O for fucks sake...pass me the street-sweeper some one.

Please stop. I have no wish for you to embarrass your self further.

I agree though. The bikies are a gutless bunch of twats except for the ones who work for the Jewish mafia who dont fuck around as one particular gang found out.

Kiss kiss.

Back to the Uni pub boy'o. Plenty of talk to be had there.

I have no wish to exchange pleasentries with you anymore.

The site seems to have made up their minds with you. So have I.

Save the anger for the daddy who did'nt kiss you enough as a child.

And one more smell.

P.P.S This tells me one last thing which explains alot. You froth at the mouth so much you dont actually read the post. You scim it, find something you can bitch about then launch your scattergun diatribe. R-E-A-D, and think and get out of the misfit socialist gang of which you seem a part.

Just who supported Marx whilst writing his Manifesto red boy? Where is he buried? You work it out.

Whats more apolagise to Draken ya hard done by bum. Unlike you he's lived under Communism.
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