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Default Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

You have fallen for the us propaganda machine. They are not their to liberate the people they are there to liberate the oil for the greedy corporations. And to help the talmudic jews of israel to further control the world.

The USA never liberates countries that have no oil nor that have powerful armies.

The insurgency you called are the patriots fighting against the new oppressor, the oppresor that do not permit the farmers to keep there seeds, whether or not they are the ones putting all the bombs is besides the point.

Anybody has the right to change their view but for sake of there own dignity it should be based on facts. Or maybe you have lied to us all.

Tell us that you are realy a talmudic jew, That you prefer the nwo. But don't present idiotic statements as a reason for switching sides.

How can you say that you saw the testimony of the majority or iraq people. Do you mean to tell that on that dvd where the testimonies of 12 million people? I bet you really believe that their where democratic elections held? that the majority of the people voted and that all sides where represented.

Have you ever seen on the establisment media any Iraq people floating and cheering the us banner?

Do you know of any iraq civilian counter insurgency?

I quess your the type that would give in to anything that would not trouble you with having to think or take a stand.

Yes its easier to follow the flow and just float around.

I quess the bliss of ignorance is a strong pull for the weak and ignorant mind. Or do you get paid from homeland security?
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