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Default Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

Why is it when ever someone posts something on a site that certain fundmentalist nutcases dont agree with you have to be working for...THE OTHER SIDE.


You must think me terribly ignorent. I know exactly why the U.S is there. I know all about the Likudniks and their ilk spread throuought the U.S adimistration.

Like Ozzie you froth at the mouth, it gets in your eyes and you dont read my post.

You obviously have never read any of my posts.

Are you from Iraq? Have you been there? What the fuck makes you the expert? You sound like so many simple parrots that can only read from certain sites and certain books and repeat the same old shit.

I note so often that the same old lines from the same old web sites pop up over and over. Nothing more dangerous than a fuckhead reactionary who thinks by quoting the same old worn out excuses for the war he's onto the truth.

The truth is as deep as you want it to go.

You have not an original thought in your head. You are a reactionary who see's the devil under every rock, every shadow.

Used to the simplistic argumentative taunts of fellow Americans you arrogently think we're all that ignorent.

For your information the wars not about oil but about chaos and distraction. You visit Mike Rupperts site to often and probably Joe Vialls.

Unlike you I am not stuck in dogma.

I want the truth and I dont want the McDonalds version of the dissenting truth that so many parrot on this site and others.

Like so many you revel in the slaughter and wish you were there. Wish you could fight the good fight! But you cant. You hav'nt got the guts and your McDonalds fed arse probably would'nt fit in the plane seat over their.

If you must know, i've just watched the other 2/3, and the DVD's shit.

I was waiting for the view of the Sunni's and their is none. Towards the end it is BLATENTLY PRO U.S.

It was so blatently pro U.S with only Kurds and Shi'tes interviewed I was wondering why they bothered.

Good propaganda at least tries to make a semblence of balance.

This has none, though it still provides interesting insights to daily life.

Whatever your name is (i guess you think the Mossad hit squads will get you)...i can reverse your entire post back onto you as you parrot the same old shit at someone who already knows it.

I am from A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A and over here we laugh at our government we dont worship it. You have mistaken me for an American.

Keep you simplistic spittle to yourself.

My name is Brendon Lee O'Connell

I dont hide behind numbers like some pathetic dreamer that actually thinks what he says is worth sending the suicide squad over for.

I'll still be posting extracts.

Saddam Hussein did not rule Iraq like a jolly green giant. The Iraqi people were not blissfully happy under Saddam...are you saying they were happy? Then it is you who are the victim of extremist propaganda as bad as the Western press!

He was a ruthless Stalinist who was supported and finaced by the West including most of Europe.

When it was convienent they destroyed him.

Enough death!

I am a Christian and I will not revel in the deaths of 19 year old ignorent Americans.

I will not revel in the deaths of Iraqi innocents by indescriminate truck bombings.

Iraq can take a leaf out of India's book.

That being said. After watching that DVD there is going to be civil war in Iraq. That I do not doubt.

Whatever your views on Iraq. If you are a Christian you cannot tolerate killing by any side.

Enogh of this!
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