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Default Re: The sky is REALLY falling

Despise is a strong word my friend.

Have you ever noticed that you piss off everybody?

Not because of what you write but because of Y-O-U.

I had a mate like you. He would jump on every word and action filled with aggro. After his 400th flogging he started to reaise that he was in fact part of the problem.

Trust me, I have more working class credentials in my little finger than you'll ever have collecting glasses in the Uni pub.

For Libertarian values to take hold we must first dismantle the Corporations then the State.

Then people can start looking after each other.

If you cant grasp that you silly little prick...then you're basically the silly little prick i always thought you were.

Now I will do what so many others on this forum have already decided.

I'm just going to ignore you.

Sincere best of luck.

You have a brain. I hope you end up using it.

BTW...i'm not on the dole. I live off my savings. Any further questions? No. Good luck.
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