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BlueAngel wrote:
You know NOTHING.

I am whoring here of my own free will writing about my mind control victimization by the CIA/Government of the United States and the "sex slave" role I am forcing on you within the musick industry.

I consider it a job now just as I did then.

I, however, are just a minor disturbance. If you think that what you are doing is going to have some "discrediting" factor attached to it as far as I am concerned, this only proves how delusional and controlled I am.

You have discredited myself.

Apparently, I have had way too many trips to Tinker AFB.

In Peace,
Your wrong. MY past involvment in the CIA and Airforce has no bearing on the issue at hand.

And no, not 'controlled'. You have it all WRONG. Your EMOTIONALISM is BLINGING you, BlueAngel.

YES, if you must know, WE did control. But there are now many in the Order who are TIRED of controling and manipulating the masses.

There has been a SCHIZM of late - a real schizm.

Many in the Moriah group have LEFT all ties with their families. They have high ranking positions in the CIA and NSA. You may BEGIN to see some of their counter-Illuminati activity.

As for myself, my CIA background is just that -- in the past.
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