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Default Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

""As I read your new post I am still waiting"".


Who the fuck are you?

Ha ha ha (i'm laughing my head off)!

Piss off disk head...please just piss off.

You have nothing to say and then demand a post from me...(i'm still pissing myself)!

For everyone else, i'm still getting over the last 2/3's of the DVD. It is indeed blatently pro u.s but still has some importent points to make.

One of those points is that Saddam was not Father Christmas.

I cant post it...the bit rate to view the subtitles makes the file too large.

I'll reserve my judgement for slightly sensitive subjects next time.

As for you the best Oz tradition of insults...Get A Dog Up Ya!

I'd actually like someone to ACTUALLY make some points based on my posts rather than the Limbic System, dog level spittle that usually passes for debate at this forum.

But before I ignore you...please make your case...are you for the contuinued slaughter?

There are 20 million people in Iraq by the way. Not 12 million.

There are also an awful lot of Kurds and Shi'tes who do not want the U.S to go away just yet.

Do not respond to the gut level crap of the Western media with equally gut level crap of your own.

I want the slaughter to stop. I want Iraqi's to have their land back.

I doubt this is going to happen.

If i am at times mistaken, it is better than being trapped in the dogmatic mud shit of the fundamentalist opposition to the fundamentalist provocatures.
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