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Default Re: Will the NWO ever try to counterfeit prophesy?

Sure they are trying to deceive us and they have for hundreds of years. One only has to look around and question things -- even things in our own lives. Illuminati say that everything as we know it, is of their doing. Why do you suppose that the bible is in EVERY freemasons household?
They say it is "their" doings. Government: "their" doings. Certain diseases: "their" doings. How to make money and grow rich for themselves: "their" doings. They tell you through advertisement, celebrities, other media that green cars and green hats will be the rage... So, what do we do, we listen and buy...and where/what did they invest in???? YEP!!Yes, everything we see in trends, and the next 'big thing' is their creation. And they invest and make big money from it. For Christians who might have a sour taste in their mouths after I say this: again, "Christians need to be careful, because "they" are making BIG money off of you too!!
Big TIME!!! But, I love ya all. --Helen
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