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Default Re: The sky is REALLY falling

Trust me, I have more working class credentials in my little finger than you'll ever have collecting glasses in the Uni pub.
I find this insulting degradation of my character utter shit! I have worked for ten years in total in a variety of occupations i worked for 5 years as in logistics, 3 years in the landscaping trade,and 2 in Hospitality, before i went back to tertiary study!.I am 30 years of age not 19 or 20 like you seem to be assuming!.
I have several certifications including IT and Office admin iam multislkilled!
I find this kind pissing in the wind about my character the act of an unhappy turd that is lazy jeolous because I am Uni student.
It seems you would rather take part in the tall poppy syndrome than achieve anything worthwhile in your own sad life. Some Libertarian!.

I think your an uneducated loser that thinks he is libertarian in fantasy land.
You should seriously get your facts in order!.
You should also cut the personal attacks before you do something you will also regret.Your piss and wind mate but i assure you iam not and iam pretty mad right now about your Bullshit character assination you useless turd!.

For Libertarian values to take hold we must first dismantle the Corporations then the State.
The Corporations have libertarian values tool they are happy with them! I doubt most real Libertarians would give rats ass about you. Your just too low and uneducated on the food chain to be of interest to them!

Then people can start looking after each other.
You couldnt cooperate or work with anyone by the look of things your just plain selfish! Its TB looking after No 1 and schizo alter ego TB No 2. Wanker!!

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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