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Default Re: build yourself an ark

afcruchief wrote:
His name.Maybe the date on which the tapes were made.
The tapes were published in anonymity. For all anyone knows, he could be CEO of a business.

No one knows. I simply look to the data to see if they have any value for information extraction.

There is little in the tapes that is not commonly known and has been for a long while now.

I distinctly distrust Catholocism. That institution, and foremost, has been in a position to actually do something about the Illuminati. They have the finacial and intelligence resources. If they were truly concerned about nutralizing the Enemy, they could have and could still do it.

Therefore, why should I trust that debauched institution who has been most responsible throughout history for murdering MY CHRISTIAN BRETHREN!

In my view, the Roman cultus is simply the second horn of the beast.
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