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Default Saddam and the US

The war must go on. So, will it be like the Mossad run Hamas? Will the insurgency continue unnessesarily?

Iran must be attacked post haste. The bigger the conflageration the better.
The fact is that the West have been funding and supporting Islamic fundamentalists probably for the purpose of creating the Muslim violence they then legitimately can claim to want to stop. If you consider the longterm strategy of the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Brown&Root and the like, you realise that as politicians in charge of foreign policies they make decisions that they know will, 10-15 years later, become a huge problem that totally plays into their hands when they are all "retired" from politics and board members and consultants with shares in the companies mentioned above.

Hence, it's in their interest to create and support Islamic fundamentalists so that they then have a legitimate reason for going there "to stop the terror", only 15-20 years later.

The problem is that Islam is in no way any more violent than any other religion but the the British royal family/Jewish international bankers/Illuminati Satanist black magicians have been supporting and funding extremist, violent groups like the Wahabbi faction - a counterfeit Islam, creating division and hostility within real Islam for several hundred years, for the purpose of eliminating it as practically the last stronghold of God and the last resistance against Lucifer and the NWO.

This is how they created Islamic extremism in Afghanistan. I would't be surprised if this is going on elsewhere the US claims "Islamic terrorists" are active, like Indonesia:

* 'Bush & the Media Cover Up the Jihad Schoolbook Scandal'
By Jared Israel

If the US is in Central Asia to fight Islamic fundamentalist terror, how come the US is shipping millions of Islamic fundamentalist textbooks into Afghanistan?

* 'The ABC'S of Jihad in Afghanistan* Courtesy, USA'
By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway

Source of above article. Washington Post reports the US has shipped 4 million radical Islamist textbooks into Afghanistan for the school kids.

If i am at times mistaken, it is better than being trapped in the dogmatic mud shit of the fundamentalist opposition to the fundamentalist provocatures.
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