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Default Re: The sky is REALLY falling

OC I am laughing so hard I actually forgot i was supposed to be ignoring you.

""You should also cut the personal attacks before you do something you will also regret.Your piss and wind mate but i assure you iam not and iam pretty mad right now about your Bullshit character assination you useless turd"".

If I do something I regret...what will you do?

Type more bad words at me?

My dear upset and cynical friend, I once dropped 6 guys out the front of Aqua Night club in Perth all by myself.

I think i'll be o.k...

now back to ignoring you...

sorry Ahmed, i'll stop using your thread now.

chuckle chuckle chuckle....

oooooo i'm a beast, a beast i tells ya!

chuckle chuckle...shit i just cant let it go...please elaborate OC...just what are you going to do? You stink and your mum drinks to much.

I'm serious, what are you going to do? I mean think about your stupid comment.

If I post my address to you, will you fly over or will you fly me over for pistols at dawn...or maybe mid morning as I like to sleep in.

I mean come on mate...oh dear.

I feel really stupid about the last ten posts and a little embarressed. Lets just make up and forget it.


At the very least i promise not to respond any more to insults and like wise... should never take on a Scorpio with the moon with an exact conjunction with Pluto in the 8th house in virgo. :-P

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