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The men have dogs. They are attack dogs.

My memories of this place are replaced with "charm school" memories. I continue asking "why would you refer to it or want me to believe it was a charm school when there was nothing charming about it? When I was tortured there? When they make me have sex with animals. When they take pictures of me.

More disinformation is injected as I continue demanding answers. As I continue to question what the hell is going on in my life. Why am I being subjected to such cruelty.

I was then told that my memories were of my Aunts who went to charm school.

Twisting words around was a "tactic" as is obviously being displayed on this board by another poster.

Say one thing and it became something else. Young and impressionable it may have worked. Imprisoned in their world it may have worked. The end result was to cause anger and frustration. It was a tool to run interference of recall.

Today, it does not work.

In Peace,
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