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When on the site of this famous musician who was my past handler/controller/abuser and while in an altered state of consciousness, the disinformation that I was "programmed" to suicide upon the sight of him or sound of his voice in order to keep us apart, as together we were both witnesses against the government for the abuse I suffered, was reinforced.

The truth is that all "mind control" victims are programmed to suicide upon the sight or sound of their handlers/controllers/abusers.

A few comments made to me on the site were:

WENDY, go take your meds.

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO DO. Never received an answer. Assume it meant suicide.

When I inquired as to why he called me Wendy, I was banned from the site.

At one point, one of the posters ejaculated on my face and said, there, Wendy, how do you like being in a government safe house.

The main player in this particular thread displayed some of the same personality traits as George_Bush. An agitator who appeared to be somewhat schizophrenic and on some kind of adrenaline high.

Some very personal comments made to a poster via email where displayed on the board for all to read.

There were also comments made on the board in order to let me know that they were listening in.

I'm sure this is a "tactic" to keep me from feeling free to talk to my family about my past, or him and what transpired on the site. Similar to gaslighting. An attempt to make me feel unsafe. I'm under surveillance 24/7.

However, my family was here and witnessed my distress and the state my mind had deteriorated into while under their control.

Actually, the most horrible invasion was when the poster who displayed the same personality traits as George_Bush commented on the site that I should scream louder during an orgasm next time.

In Peace,
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