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Default Saddam thing

Here we have a perfect example of this link.

The "news" is that we hung a guy in the green zone. Period. Now watch even five minutes of any American channel. They are telling you how you should think, feel even what your emotions should be over this.
The "Butcher of Baghdad", so they say.
Here is another one which puts a date on Saddam's CIA recruitment!
Yes, more and more people are not buying it. My wife and I seriously think the real Saddam is sipping margharitas on a tropical island with his own secret service guards, part of the CIA asset relocation program.

More than this though the trial itself had all the trappings of an OJ Simpson affair.
It was not conducted under an International scope, it was not at The Hague. I can only wonder if popular word of all things Illuminati is becoming prevalent enough for them to scroll back and take a new position, hide from the specter of globalization themes.

Reports last night were coming in about two things.
One was the report of Saddam's imminent death.
The other was a tornado warning for Crawford Texas, and yes, he was there.
It might have been a two for one.

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