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Default Re: Will the NWO ever try to counterfeit prophesy?

Draken wrote:
So turn off the TV, don't read news and glossy magazines, don't go to the cinema - it's all fake reality anyway.

They SAY it's all "their" doing, the Freemasons/Illuminati, but we're only fooled if we BELIEVE what they say. Personally, what the Freemasons say and what I shit I put in the same bag. As some clever military leader said: "The map is not the territory."

They are not that powerful. Their power lies in their ability to mass manipulate us into BELIEVING they are that powerful.

Their power over us is an illusion by which they rule.

Let's stop taking the poison that's killing our
Hey Hi Draken:
"Just Say NO!" Let's face it Draken, our peoples are always looking for the next big thing, and whether or not they can live up to the Joneses, and they want to "follow" where the biggies say to go. Maybe not you and me, or most people in this forum. But hey, you and I can turn off the tv, radio, stop reading the mag/rags. But look at the number of peoples that need that crap because of their own insecurities. "Oh, oh, let's not rock any cages, let's just do what everybody else is doing". And look at our children/teens. They listen to everything that is out there. Once again, not you -- not I. But come on Draken, we need to start looking at the numbers. Don't we have enough proof even in our years of life (you and me) of how masses of people will follow one!! To Destruction!!! (?)
Thanks for your post. -Helen

PSSSS: You mentioned that the power they have is the ability to manipulate. To me that is a BIG RED FLAG. Agree??
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