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Yes, I did have to THINK HARD to survive.

I'm sorting through some information at the moment dating back to elementary school and the role my second grade teacher may have played in my past victimization. She left the school after my 2nd grade year with her. She was in the military. Stationed in Germany and I do remember her coming to my house in her uniform. I was alone. I opened the door, she said, "what's the matter, big girl, don't you remember me." Also remember her driving me home from school.

Also recalling that at a very young age, before five, my mother may have prostituted me to men in the neighborhood.

Also, recalling that not all government safe-houses are used for "evil" purposes, and perhaps the reason the "covert" operation on the musician's site to bring about this disinformation.

Also, recalling that masks may have been worn, not by the perpetrators, but by the OTHERS whom I was reporting to so that I could not divulge their identity for GOOD reason.

Also, recalling that perhaps some kind of tapes were made of me speaking about the "cult," and memory of talking into a microphone. Afterward, I remember the "suicide" commands would surface, the fear of having released information, but also being instructed to never take my own life.

Also, feeling as if some information written about Project Monarch may have come from me long ago.

Dreamland, a place where we are put to sleep, awake from our cacoon, like a butterfly. The sleep room. I remember disinformation of an accident and being in a coma. However, the sleep room is where we were put into a comatose like state.

There was also a place I was taken and told that if I didn't cooperate I would be turned into a walking ZOMBIE, never released, never see the "LIGHT OF DAY."

I think, at this point, I need to chew slowly and digest.

In Peace,
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