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There are many songs that I was programmed to that call up disinformation about my past and/or lyrics that cause confusion so that accessing real memories can be difficult.

With too much information, as is deployed on the masses as well, it can take a long time to sort through all the garbage (screen memories) and get to the truth.

This is a "tactic" not only used on mind control victims, but, of course, on the public at large in covering up the truth. 911 is a perfect example of SPIN. There is a reason they call it spin.

One verse of one song goes something like this, "Well, I got Mary pregnant when she was just 16." As I've stated, Mary was an alter. The one who carried the disinformation.

With this song and particular verse, disinformation about me having had a baby with my handler/musician was called up while on his site.

The disinformation goes like this. We had a baby. Mind control victims have one alter that is actually split in two. A good one and an evil one. The evil alter was "programmed" to cut the baby up when it wouldn't stop crying. I was taken away in a helicopter and institutionalized for this crime. This, to silence us because he was a witness against the government and my abuse. My baby had survived and as long as I remained silent, he would not be hurt by the "cult" and they would not kill his father either.

I believed this memory while in an altered state of consciousness and spent several days re-living torture from the past, feeling, as you can imagine, very depressed, an awful person for having done this to my own child.

It was almost as if I was experiencing the torture they subjected me to with this disinformation and, all the while, saying, "I'm never going to say what you want me to say." I'm never going to believe what you tell me. I know the truth about him. Everything you are telling me are lies. I've seen pictures.

I relayed this information to my husband and children and I'm sure they realized at that time and even before, that the person they knew was no longer while on this musician's site and this story was beyond belief as far as they were concerned.

I'm sure, in the state of mind I was in, the end result was for me to spread these "lies" to people outside my family and appear completely insane.

I believe this story was used to cover up an institutionalization that may have occured, but for other reasons that were produced by the "mind controllers" so that I would be silent about the muscian's true role in my life.

Just silent, period! about all of it!

In Peace,
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