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Default Re: Saddam and the US

Peace Draken,

"creating division and hostility within real Islam for several hundred years, for the purpose of eliminating it as practically the last stronghold of God and the last resistance against Lucifer and the NWO."

I always read that, but i believe it's far from being true.

Islam is as corrupt as any other religion. God's religion was and is always one, but because they favoured man made books (Hadith) to God's word in Quran, now they have two completely different religions, the sunni (followers of Muhammad's way) and the Shi'a (followers of Ali, Muhammad's cousin and they have different "Hadith" books!). Who wants to devide the people except Satan? in order to destroy his most ardent enemy, the human being.

Now, the question is, if the "muslims" are on Satan's side (which is 100% true), why is he trying to destroy them? Apparently Satan doesn't favour anybody! it is his ultimate goal to destroy all these factions, that he previously devided (through corrupting the one religion, Submission).

Yes, the Iraqis (except the few righteous among them) deserve this suffering, God is punishing them for deviding the one religion and following Satan's scriptures (Hadith) instead of the final testament for all humanity (Quran).

I for one can't take the side of the invadors nor the side of the Iraqis, may God save the sincere among both sides.

See my new article on the Maylai massacre for a proof that both sides still have few righteous stuck among them.
God\'s alternative, USN

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