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Default This is not propoganda.

This is not propoganda.

I am starting a thread called ATTEMPTED MURDER. I am waiting for Byropn's permission to post his emails as they are very condemming and the blatant truth.

Byron Prior who started a thread called sexual abuse has been the subject of a attempt on his life. This is the second time I have heard of such an occurence. The person who it happened to in Nova Scotia stumbled onto the cocaine and the money laundering.

Through collusion of doctor's and lawyers and politicians, they have made two attempts on her life and posted mafia style threats. She also knows of the pedophile ring that runs right up to the Minister of Justice for Nova Scotia as do I, which is a similiar occurence to the events as claimed by Byron Prior of Newfoundland. Things are currently following the same trend and pattern. Eliminate the evidence.

This is not propoganda.


I thank God for any justice where this matter is concerned and, any country who would meet out justice with regards to this issue, I take off my hat too and will bow in honour of.

I spit on Canada. Huk-tooey!!
I spit on England too. Double Huck-tooey!!
They do not protect their children.

Mary XXX
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