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Default Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.


I understand your point.

My first husband was a Christian Iraqi. He and his brothers fles from Iraq to Egypt where they hid for a year. They did not want to go to war to kill Iranian men they did not know nor be killed. They fled. They stayed their until they gained safe passage to the states and a family member in New York, I believe, who would sponsor them. My husband was 17 when he left. Can you imagine having that experience at 17?

Why did they flee and hide? If they were caught, like you mentioned, Saddam was masterful at punishment and torture. He made it an art, you could say, so finely honed was his understanding and ability to torture. The control he executed amongst his people was... Get caught or let the wrong ears here something against him and you and maybe your entire family disappeared, similair to stories of Cuba I met from another extended family member. One day you were there, the next you were gone and the neighbours had to not get caught speaking of such events. Oh dear. He is demon of satan himself - no doubt.

And what was his up-bringing?

My point being, yes non-Saddam violence is mild in one way. What is not mild is the witnessing of violence amongst the civilians - before it was stolen away into the middle of the night. Albeit the soccer stadium was often used for public hangings. Now the rescuers coming in and just murdering people in families willy-nilly, here and there, and raping chaste Moslem women must be a real head jar for a strong male role modeled society. It would be hard not to have a certain population of the male society driven to bear arms and retaliate at any cost to protect the women and children - hence the guerilla's of many war-torn countries.

Unfortunately, many young male children now bear arms in this day and age. How wrong is that?

I digress.

I hope my ex-husband is safe and well, where ever he is now hidden in the United States. I have had no contact with him for four years. My eldest daughter is somewhat confused regarding his whereabouts and so am I.

Mary XXX
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