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Default Re: Poisoned Again ?

Sat Dec 03 2006.

Poisoned Again ? / Medical Log / Toronto

- Sep 11 2006

Food poisoning or deliberate act having
breakfast at Husky restaraunt in Mississauga.
If it was deliberate I will probably never be
able to prove it.
Violently ill for 2 hours.
Slept Monday afternoon and night.
Stroke ?

- Sep 12 2006

Slept Tuesday all day and all night.
Stroke ?

1. Sep 13 2006

Woke up mid morning Wednesday, still not feeling
Numbness in my left hand and the left side of my
Travel to Trillium Heath Care Center "emergency."
Blood work.
C.A.T. scan on brain, indicates stroke, left
side and old injury, right side.
Difficulties walking.
Complete exhaustion.

2. Sep 18 2006

Trillium Health Care Center.
Ultra sound on neck.

3. Sep 25 2006

Complete numbness in right leg after 1/2 hour
while trying to return to work.
Travel to Centenary hospital "emergency."
C.A.T scan on brain.

4. Oct 04 2006

Centenary hospital.
Appointment with neurologist.

5. Sep 26 2006

Centenary hospital.
Echo Dopler on heart.
Fitted with Holter heart monitor.

6. Sep 27 2006

Returned Holter heart monitor to Centenary

7. Oct 17 2006

Appointment with family doctor.

8. Oct 18 2006

Blood work at labratory.

9. Oct 19 2006

Centenary hospital.
M.R.I. on brain.

10. Oct 30 2006

Complete numbness in both legs while at T.D. bank.
Manager calls ambulance to go to Centenary
hospital "emergency."

11. Nov 01 2006

Complete physical at family doctor.

12. Nov 06 2006

Centenary hospital.
Appointment at neurologist.
New refferals.

13. Nov 10 2006

Picked up negatives of C.A.T. and M.R I.
scans at Centenary hospital.

14. Nov 14 2006

Appointment at Sunnybrook Health Science Center.
with neurosurgeon.
Returned negatives to Centenary hospital.

15. Nov 17 2006

Appointment with family doctor.

16. Nov 23 2006

Appointment with family doctor.
New refferal.

17. Nov 24 2006

Centenary Hospital.
C.A.T. scan on spine.


Still having difficulties walking.

Still suffering complete exhaustion.

Constant numbness in right foot and toes very painful.
Unable to sleep at night.

Numbering indicates the number of times to doctors or hospital appointments.

More tests in the health care system to follow.

Appointments into January and February 2007


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