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Default Re: Upward Alignment

On the subject of the computer.

I have spent alot of time here lately.

Every morning i say.."Brendon, leave it. Get outside".

However the compulsion to come here is great so I let it guide me.

Sooner or later it will end and i'll do something else.

I've had a little epiphiny the last 12 hours.

More and more I just want to forget about the entire world and all the talk of this and that, as it is preventing me from operating effectively close to home.

I look back at my little tif with OC and others and go.."what was that all about"?

What a complete waste of time.

Sometimes Ahmed, Nohope, draken, madkah and others are right. They are playing us like a finely tuned violin.

And yes Mary, it is good therapy.

In the end i've managed to ween myself off the local paper completely and most of the telly.

I guess we all have to play it how we find it.

No doubt i'll leave here in the near future. In the end i'm glad I had a rant on CC!

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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