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Default A way to club the federal reserve

Date: Sat Feb 5, 2005 6:47 pm
ADL...for trying to expose the Federal Reserve Bank!

The fact that the ADL knows the money system of the Federal Reserve and
PROTECTS it, is another chalk on the side of a Jewish conspiracy in my
eyes. The Jewish group the ADL is protecting and defending the Federal
Reserve System even though it is unconstitutional and fraudulent. Why?
Unless they are part of the whole scam.
A Vine & Fig Tree Position Paper

Work in Progress

Vine & Fig Tree advocates Biblical Anarchism, which we call

The Freemen of Montana advocate many Biblical things, and offer many
insightful critiques of the State. But they are not a Biblical nor an
anarchist movement. This Position Paper explores the differences between
the Biblical Patriarch and the "Patriot" of the Freemen movement. It
will be seen that the Freemen embody true Americanism, and challenge
"lukewarm" Americans, and that the majority of Americans would rather be
slaves than have to endure the inconveniences of "eternal vigilance,"
which is said to be the price of liberty. Certainly most Americans are
unwilling to endure the "inconveniences" imposed upon the Freemen by the

In a remote area of Montana, more than 100 FBI agents and other law
enforcement personnel have surrounded and cut off an estimated 25 people
blockaded within a 960-acre ranch.

The federal government says the Freemen of Montana are "armed and
dangerous." But the Freemen of Montana have never shot anyone. They have
never even been accused of any such crime.

In Los Angeles, meanwhile, thousands (estimates vary) of heavily armed
gang members shoot people at will, deal drugs openly on street corners,
stick up retail establishments, demand "protection" money from local
merchants, steal cars, and generally participate in any number of illegal
and sociopathic activities. They are not surrounded by an army of FBI

When members of the Freeman are met in the streets of small towns in
Montana, they are greeted with "Good morning" and "How ya'll doin'?" by
fellow Montanans. When members of the Crips and the Bloods are
encountered in urban areas across the nation, there is a feeling of uneasiness
bordering on terror. Gangs are generally regarded as a fact of "modern
life," like smog and AIDS; something disconcerting that happens to
otherwise "good people."

Leaders of large gangs around the country were invited to meet with
President Clinton, who offered a sympathetic ear to their complaints of a
lack of job opportunities, poverty, and pervasive racism as excuses for
their barbarous activities. Clinton then turned down various state
militia members who sought "equal time" with the president to explain their
points of view.

It is not the purpose of this Paper to explain why they government
treats urban gangs so differently than rural "patriots." Nor is it our
purpose to explain why the government benefits from the presence of urban
terrorism. Outbreaks of gang violence are used by the government as
examples of the "chaos," "lawlessness," and "anarchy" into which we would
collapse if government were cut back or eliminated. At the same time the
media reminds us of the danger of the "dangerous kooks" in Waco and
Montana, and exhorts us to avoid their "anti-government extremism."

It is the purpose of this paper to show why the government acts so
decisively and firmly against pro-Constitution groups like the Freemen. The
Freemen threaten to expose the Government as the fraud and myth that it
is. Yet the Freeman do not act in accord with Biblical Law, and thereby
needlessly open themselves up to persecution by the Government.
Money: Biblical and Constitutional
It is the major contention of the Freemen that America's Monetary
System is unconstitutional. Less frequently the Freemen note that our
nation's money system is unBiblical. Rarely articulated is the fact that the
"Federal Reserve System" is the single greatest source of spiritual and
material oppression of the poor. The Prophets of the Bible identify our
nation's money as "violent" and destructive of the poor.

Over the past generation, the government and its wealthy supporters
have systematically robbed the lower classes of over $5 trillion. The
methods by which this has been accomplished are explicitly prohibited in
the Constitution, and in the Scriptures, which calls the practice an

But the Freemen have gone beyond merely pointing out this evil. In
their anger, they have engaged in precisely this abominable practice in an
effort to call attention to the crimes of the government and to "get

According to published reports, the Freemen say they have millions
(some say billions or even trillions) in the form of "perfected liens"
which the federal government says they have illegally converted into cash
and/or used to pay debts with what they call "Certified Bank Drafts" or
"Certified Money Orders."

According to the Freemen, if the Federal Reserve can create money "out
of thin air," so can they. They say they are creating commercial paper
based on the aforementioned liens. And they say the liens are perfectly
"legal" under anyone's system, theirs or Washington's. This is probably
true, but it is not ethical under God's system.

According to the federal government, the Freemen are guilty of "paper
terrorism." What they do is file liens against government officials they
say are not carrying out their duties in accordance with the
Constitution. The scenario has the Freemen issuing "notices of grievance" against
persons or businesses and giving the person/business 30 days to answer.
The commercial liens are often for hundreds of thousands of dollars or
more. The amount of damages sought is a matter of caprice of the
"injured party." They are registered under Form UCC-1 with the respective
secretaries of state.

If there is no answer, a "default judgment" is declared for whatever
sum was asked for in the lien. That then becomes the basis for the
issuance of the commercial paper/Certified Bank Drafts/Certified Money

Sometimes, these liens have prevented the liened party from getting
credit or selling their homes. It's the way the IRS works, according to
lectures given by LeRoy Schweitzer, currently jailed on various charges,
including fraud, and subjected to physical torture, according to his
daughter who has been permitted to visit him.

To the embarrassment of the federal government-and some state
governments-the bank drafts issued by the Freemen have been accepted for such
things as back taxes and penalties an court- ordered child support.

The Freemen say the "commercial paper" they produce is legal tender. In
several recorded instances, the IRS has accepted Certified Bank Drafts
as payment of taxes and even sent refunds. The federal government
admits - or complains - that thousands of these Freemen-generated bank
drafts are in circulation as loan collateral or as payment of debts, public
and private. A number of banks have accepted them, apparently despite a
warning from the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency.

Adding to the woes of the bureaucrats, the "financial instruments"
produced by the Freemen have been sold to "foreign entities" and are even
rumored to be in the portfolios of Third World countries. These foreign
entities use to documents as backing for ventures in the United States,
including security for loans.

Purchased for about one-tenth their face value, these Certified Bank
Drafts or Certified Money Orders are traded just like other negotiable
securities. As explained by the Freemen in one of their "educational
seminars," the money orders are collateralized by commercial liens placed
against companies and individuals.

Schweitzer says that he and his associates have figured out the Uniform
Commercial Code (UCC) and are using it the same way the "de facto
government" does.

The Freemen are in fact doing exactly what the government does. Their
money has at least as much backing as Federal Reserve Notes, according
to the Freeman. You are likely carrying Federal Reserve Notes in your
wallet or purse at this very moment.

The bottom line is that the Federal Government has failed to prove that
bank drafts based on liens are not legal financial instruments. It has
also failed to prove that the liens are illegal. Because the State is a
myth (that is, because the protection of State-created
"property-rights" through a monopoly of violence is an immoral fiction), most agents
and officers of the State cannot say why debt monetized by the Federal
Reserve is legitimate, while debt monetized by the Freemen is not. The
Freemen expose the ignorance of the IRS, banks, and other entities of the

That's why the federal government considers them dangerous, according
to Schweitzer; not because they may own guns and not because they are a
threat to the community. What makes them so threatening to the State is
that they are explaining to others what they - and the government - are
doing. And it is their seminars - not their guns - which make the
Freemen so "dangerous" to the Government.

They're a threat to the Federal Reserve System.

The Freemen movement is an "outright assault on the very basis of
American constitutional democracy," according to the most powerful special
interest pressure group in Washington, the ADL. This message is repeated
in all the major media.

People who attend Freemen Seminars, says ADL chief Abe Foxman, "get
lessons in anti-Semitism and racism and they're being trained to deny the
legitimacy of our democratically established government."

But as the Spotlight Newspaper notes, "The Freemen, however, and those
who have attended their seminars, strongly deny any racist or
anti-Semitic content to their lectures or teachings, and say that their
principles can and should be employed by every citizen of the country,
regardless of race or religion."

Spotlight is often identified by the mainstream media as an
"anti-Semitic" publication.

As to the Federal Reserve System being "democratically established," it
should be noted that its origins were cloaked in secrecy, and its
approval rooted in public deception.[1]

It remains to be seen, however, whether the creation of such
"commercial paper" should be practiced by anyone, regardless of race or creed.
The remainder of this Paper attempts to show that the system is evil,
root and branch, and that there are other ways to deal with an unBiblical,
unconstitutional government.


Note Spiritual Oppression of Poor. Middle class and Fed encourages
debt, discourages "Protestant Work Ethic," future orientation.

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