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Default Re: Saddam Hussein Went To Heaven! What the Muslims Don\'t Want You To Know!

I do not accept abuse, or control. I do not accept being "jerked" around like a marionette, like a puppet on a string. I do not accept love equals sex and sex equals love. I do not accept being made to feel GUILTY for the immoral actions of others perpetrated upon me and thousands upon thousands of other mind control victims. I do not accept mind games, nor do I accept being led by the nose, treated like a dog trained on command. I do not accept Lucifer, Satan or the Devil.

I was born of this world to be that which GOD intended for me to be and not what others desired to turn me into.

I do not accept those who wanted to exploit my talents for their own gain. Those who wanted to own, operate and control me.

I did not accept then and I do not accept now.

It is and has always been in God's hands. He is the one whom I serve.

I do God's work through him and for him.

In Peace,
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