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Default Re: Witness a miracle (streaming video)

Ahmad, i'm dissappointed. This is the guy that youre always talking about. YOU sound intelligent. THis guy does not. He contradicts himself throughout the whole video. First he says we HAVE to study the text in its original language. THen he needs to translate it in order to put in to a computer. Which, by the way, in 1968 would have been nearly impossible. He must be a computer science genius and have access to the best computers in the world at the time. He talks like he was just using his pc at home. A computer at that time, to be able to perform that type of operation, would have been huge and only the top computer scientists would have had access to it. Other than that, how do we know his translation is accurate. Why did he say we need to study the text in its original language? If he needed to translate it to find this "code" out. Guess what, people have been looking for codes throughout Gods Word for centuries, and if you look hard enough youre bound to find something. Jesus was either a raving lunatic or the Son of God. No one would be a prophet who claimed the the things he did. So God was waiting for someone to translate His Word into English and the He waited for the inventions of computers. If this code was beyond human ability we would have never figured it out. I mean how can we understand something which is beyond our ability. He doesnt cite any examples directly from the Torah or the New Testament. He just quotes a Rabbi on the Torah. If God left us proof of His existence, we would no longer need faith, which in turn eradicates free will. I think this "code" is probably from the one who's name i will not waste time even typing. Dont come back at me with quotes from Q'ran either. I'd like to hear you use logic and reason to explain these things.
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