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Since WE are identified at a very early as to our talents and where they might work best for the Illuminati, if we are musically inclined, programming to tones, etc. begins at a very early age.

We are immersed in whatever field it is they are grooming us for so that by the time we are ready to fulfill their agenda for them, we can, in the eyes of some, appear to be genius in our field.

As in Freemasonry, they will raise you up the ladder until the desired outcome. Until you have reached your peak and have been accepted by the public. They will always have something to blackmail you for if you ever decide to speak out against them or leave the cult. Overdose of drugs, small plane crashes, etc.

As far as the music industry, if you are constantly exposed to sounds, tones, music, etc., at a very early age, and you were blessed with these talents, it becomes a part of your subconscious and a triggering mechanism that can "alter your state of consciousness" and enhance the "creative juices."

If you live within the "satanic cult," a dark world of despair, there is much that you can write about within reason that does not expose them completely. This, too, is another way for them to exploit talent.

Afterall, lyrics are written from experiences and, many "rock" musicians write lyrics that speak of tunnels and the other side.

I remind you though, however, that it is not a natural occurence. It is achieved through mind altering drugs, hypnosis, altered states of consciousness.

In Peace,

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