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There were many "screen memories" planted about accidents in order to account for the amnesia that they were inducing through drugs, hypnosis, torture, etc., because I was always inquiring as to why I could not remember certain things.

I'm not sure if these various screen memories abouts accidents were to cover up the fact that I myself may have actually been cut up from head to toe by someone, broken bones and near death, with a breathing tube and in a coma or not. Or, if they were to cover-up the near death experiences that they perpetrate upon their victims at China Lake Naval Base.

It was said that I was traumatized by the cutting up of my own child. It created amnesia and the catatonic state that I was in. I may never recover all of my memory is what was said. However, I believe this is the state I was left in when I returned home if I was institutionalized and it was most likely not for the "false memory" of having cut up my own baby.

It most likely was due to medical conditions created in me so that I could be institutionalized and brought to silence.

There was mention on his site about him having had a motorcycle accident. When I inquired as to specifics, I was ignored.

This brought up the "screen memory" that we were trying to escape the cult, we were "blinded by the light" of an oncoming car," actually two meanings here, because they use really bright lights to disorient their victims and cause visual disturbance for the future, as well; and also when you are being run down in a field naked by low flying choppers, when cornered, they shine their bright lights in your eyes. You can run but you can't hide.

So, we crashed on the side of the road and were left for dead. Passerbys found us. I was hospitalized. Broken bones from head to toe and in a coma. Coma, of course, the reason for my amnesia.

Back to the choppers. They did this with choppers when I was a child as well. They would fly over our neighborhood and their lights would be directed into our home. My mother would always say, "Oh, they must be looking for someone."

As a child, there were also times when we would have to close our windows, stay inside when planes would come through spraying insecticide for mosquito control.

I always found this odd. I'm not sure if this is how it was done or not. But, I have always been suspicious about this.

In Peace,

I think I spent my summers at the farm and the cover story was "vacation summer bible school."

I also spent summer months in Naples with several other children from our neighborhood. The adults there, Sis and Walt, were friends with my girlfriend's parents.

We were on our own most of the time and I don't believe we stayed there.

We stayed in a trailer on a VAST area of land. Acres and acres.
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