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There were always "warnings" about how if I didn't keep my mouth shut, I was going to be the one responsible for getting our family killed.

This was not to be!

So, there were threats about cutting out my tongue. Which were so real that I would hold my tongue with my fingers to see if this happened, could I still speak.

There was talk about having a mock funeral because one day I would wind up kidnapped, cut up in pieces, fed to the sharks, body parts undiscovered and they wanted a proper burial, so this the reason for a mock funeral.

All of me was there.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but a discrediting factor is that the doctors refer to themselves as creatures from another planets, aliens and when this is repeated as they want it to be, the child and/or adult is discredited. They say this, "we are all creatures from another planet." Now, go tell that to your friends.

I do have some scars on my wrists that I never noticed until about five years ago when memories began to surface. And other markings that resemble faces. A very large marking that seems to look like some kind of characature on my right leg.

I have a clear memory of my sister reaching under the bed and cutting herself on razor blades. I also have a clear memory of it being said, that the cut wasn't deep enough. Someone was instructing someone on how to cut deep enough to puncture the artery so that I would bleed to death.

The cover story was that my other sister was a cleptomaniac, put money under the bed that she took from the kitchen table and razor blades, as well. My older sister reached under for something and cut herself. Money and razor blades!!!

I also have a memory of someone coming into the house and wearing a stocking on his face. This may be a "screen memory" for what I refer to as the "razor blade" incident.

I truly believe I was being told to cut my wrist and I wouldn't. I remember saying that I wasn't going to kill myself. They would have to do it and the BLOOD WOULD BE ON THEIR HANDS.

In Peace,
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