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Hey, we're getting back on topic...

In case anyone's still reading I'll put my view forth.

First, Draken, I agree with your view as I see it of Communism. However it is REALLY hard to convince people about Communism. I think it's the label, and a series of assumptions. I happen to think that Communism is the 'invisible gorilla' in the living room that we should all be talking about. It certainly is worth exploring why people can't see the gorilla.

OzzieCynic wrote: “At the moment communism is simply not a serious threat!”

I used to think that way as well. I thought I was seeing behind the veil of a pro-war Western media (which I was). Now, I realize that just because Team A is demonstrably corrupt and ‘hates’ or in this case used to hate Team B – does not mean that Team B is not also a negative force.

It’s almost a fact of life that the unexpected dangers are the worst ones. I feel I was duped by Gorbachev. Both Communism and Capitalism serve the same master, if unwittingly. This article: took a while to sink in for me, but it makes sense of all the anomalies that I’ve noted.

As for getting beyond left/right I think I have. Communism is a label, it really is “Military Dictatorship, with enforced Patriotism”. There’s other labels like Democracy, which doesn’t seem to actually exist anywhere although it’s deemed the best system. The "Communist" label is remarkably untalked about in any media. So much so that it is conspicuous by it's absence. A remarkable achievement I suggest, where both left and right wing folk have given Communism a free ride - no longer a threat. Phew! An achievement that likely could only be brought about behind the scenes (hence the title of this site)

As Henry’s current article touches on, banking has been a perennial enemy of freedom, and of life for centuries. The two C’isms are working together, whether as in the Cold War as enemies, or today as rivals and antagonists. They are working towards war and economic collapse.

The video, now a DVD at was the first bit of conspiracy theory I was exposed to several years ago. But it’s only about 5% theory, it’s basically suppressed history and quotations about the evils of banking. They drive home the point that neither Communist nor Capitalist “leaders” have a problem with the current financial system. But they should, because it is an impossible system to keep up with, without empire or constant productivity improvements. The conclusion is that all governments are in bankers’ hands.

TrueBeliever wrote: “I prefer to call it Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor”

Yes and didn’t one of the Rockefellers call “Competition a Sin”?
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