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There may have been a house in our neighborhood that served as a "covert" operation. Illegal drugs were in abundance.

I have memories of it being said that whenever HE brings me home. Whenever I come back, I have needle marks in my arms. She, (my mother) didn't know what I was being injected with, but this speaks to the "getting them and keeping them addicted" for dependence on the "cult" and/or handler.

It was also said, perhaps by my mother, that they were doing the same thing to me that they did to her, and gaslighting existed way back then as well.

It was said that whenever I returned home, she had to nurse me back to health. I couldn't eat, because I had been "programmed" that way, most probably so that I would starve myself to death, but also because food, sleep, water, deprivation can mimic epileptic seizures and this is a memory and the use of smelling saltz.

I was threatened with the poisoning of my food and this, as well, a reason for not wanting to eat during my early years.

I was also programmed to hear "chatter" after eating, and, this, as well, with the hope that I would starve myself to death.

When one is deprived of food and water, there is a chemical and digestive change when food enters the system.

As far as the development of multiple personality disorder and/or schizophrenia, it was said that it was the "dreaded" condition within our family and that THESE DOCTORS were hoping to find a cure. In fact, it was the doctors who created ALL of my medical conditions and used as a guise to silence me, experiment on me, etc.

It was said I was a sickly child.

At present, I have overcome the eating disorder, but it was prevelant while on the musician's website while recalling memories of government abuse which, I'm sure, was not what they desired I do there.

It may have been that I was responding to those from the past with whom I shared intelligence/knowledge about my incarceration.

There were also cigarette burns which were inflicted on my arms and again, it was said that I did this to myself.

The games went on. If I was having memory lapses, it would be said that people saw me here or there. All due to concussions, which they did experiment with in mind control victims and/or due to the fact that I was oxygen deprived at birth.

My family, through an Uncle, had connections to the Mafia and when I inquired of my cousin five years ago as to my memories that surfaced regarding pornography, his answer was that it was possible and that our family has a "dark side."

This particular topic is very disturbing.

In Peace,
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