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Default Re: Bohemian Grove - US Polititians part of secret Satanic Cult!

Old news indeed! Any *NEW* information?

Here are some recent (2004/2005) photographs taken within Bohemian Grove that were anonymously posted this year.

This first photo is of one of the numerous "buses" they have running throughout the Grove. They all have occult names such as Old Druid, Hamadryad, Diana, and this one - The Owl.

This is the entrance to the Hill-Billies camp; 1 of 119 camps total in the Grove. Members of the Hill-Billies include George H.W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Walter Cronkite.

This is a profile of the Owl statue. It is facing towards your right and overlooks the lake area. The Owl stands 45' tall, and is not actual stone, but plaster. The Owl is hollow, and the effigies which are burned every summer are housed inside.

This is the money-shot; the best photo of the Owl ever posted on the web! It is the stage upon which the annual CREMATION OF CARE occurs. High priests pray to the Owl for wisdom before they "slay" their cares upon the alter via their burning of a human effigy.

Taken before the Grovers had awoken, this is the remains of the effigy still upon the alter early the following morning.
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