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Default Re: Witness a miracle (streaming video)

Ahmad, as for the computer stuff, my brother has been working with 1's and 0's since the 50's. I showed him this video and his thoughts were that the mans claims via computing are highly unlikely even for a phd in biochemistry. Computers were not readily available back then even for phd's in other fields. Only the people that were developing them had access to them and they had little practical use. My brother is not a software programmer. He is one of the handful of people in this country that can work with 1's and 0's. As for the other claims, by 1985 there should have been arabic software. He should have been able to experiment without "transliteration" which by the way invalidates his whole arguement. Forgetting all that Ahmad, you have yet to mention anything contradicting my claims as far as Jesus is concerned. You once said on another thread that all verses where He claims to be the Son were Satanly injected. He gave no proof of this via his "mathematical code" and you have never either. This is a major flaw in Islam. Jesus is either a madman or the Son. No prophet of God would claim the things He did. I'm not trying to condescend Ahmad, you sound intelligent. All i'm saying is to sway someone on a topic as this youre gonna need some serious Proof.
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