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I must cast this to the wind!

One must understand that when you are a mind control victim in a "satanic cult" and forced to act upon your handler's commands, your master's instructions and not of your own free will to commit horrible sexual acts, perhaps acts of violence, the SHAME is always placed on the victim.

I am here, now, to tell those of you who are reading my posts, perpetrators or not, that the SHAME does not rest with me. That the shame is your burden and has been cast upon your skin for the atrocities that I and countless others were forced to commit while incarcerated in your HELL!

I was told that I was nothing but a TRAMP. That after leaving the cult, I would have nothing but meaningless sex. I would never find anyone to love me. I would never have a normal life. I would never have children for I would do to them the same that was done to me.


I was told that I was a "dirty little girl." I was told that I gave them "the eye." I was told that I gave them the "signal." I was told that I flirted with them. I was told that I was a tease. I was told this, I was told that.

I was told that if I ever married, had children, went public, they would drag my name through the mud, they would humiliate me, embarrass me, show pictures of me. That my husband, my children, my family, my friends would disown me.

Is this what you want, HE/THEY asked?

My response then and now is that I am not responsible for those filthy and disgusting acts for which you forced me to particpate in against my OWN FREE WILL.

I am here to tell you that my husband, my children, my family, my friends love and respect me for who I am and not that which you tried to make of me.

For the record, I am not the INSANE person that you painted in the past or attempt to do so at present.

There are those in my life who can attest to that.

So be it!

In Peace,
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