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The island thing is something I've thought about for quite some time. Could have been Bimini.

It was referred to as a "witness protection program."

You know, where there is an attempt to erase the "real" evidence and the "ENGINEERING" of false information is implanted through torture.

The reference to me being a stripper somewhere on an island on his site was repeated over and over again. You know, anything is possible in Mafia/CIA pornography, but the stripper thing on an island seems to be disinformation to cover the real reason I was SENT AWAY.

It think it was said that, you know, it was for my OWN GOOD!! My protection! My life was in danger. I had spoken to the WRONG PEOPLE!!!!
This, of course, after HE knew and then passed it along.

Now, I have memories of making phones calls to my father perhaps and adamantly stating that these MEN (G-men), doctors, whomever, were not helping me. They were confusing me, making me worse, torturing me. I was told to cooperate.
Let them help you.

Let him help you, perhaps this was said after my return, because I distinctly recall saying that HE, too, only made it worse.

I stated over and over again, I do not want to be with HIM. I tell you what he does to me and you still want me to be with him and, at that point, I really just did not want him to be able to come near me.

So, to a certain degree I feel as though I have been held hostage by the government for most of my life.

I believe I was told that if I didn't go in a witness protection program, it was said, our family would have to relocate, change our names, etc.

It was I who had been changed and not for the better.

Still seems to be some lingering court scene.

I may have posted on the wrong thread, SORRY!

In Peace,
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