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I agree Saddam is an asset and has been relocated.

As far as taking an oath, a vow and a pledge never to reveal government secrets, this applies to all CIA operatives whether a part of the "rogue" CIA or "satanic cult."

However, when you are a wee little thing born and raised in a "satanic cult," used in black operations, a mind control victim of the CIA, told that you are helping to protect the country against communism and this VOW is forced upon you so that they can carry on with their SADISTIC activities and include you in them, this VOW, this OATH, this PLEDGE is null and void for me.

And, yes, I passed INTELLIGENCE and GOVERNMENT SECRETS to those whom have protected me from THEM all of my life!!! as best they could because, in my mind, I took a VOW, a PLEDGE and an OATH to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America from those WHO SEEK TO DO HER HARM!!!

For this, I was considered a traitor. I committed perfidy and I was to suffer in silence.

So, when you are tortured, when you are inflicted with pain, you must suffer in silence or they will turn it up a notch.

And, when those memories begin to bubble, to errupt to the surface, the subconscious holds that pain as a blocking mechanism.

In Peace,
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