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There are several mind control victims who have written books and referenced the fact that they were told they were protecting the US from the threat of communist takeover.

The problem I have with this, is that I remember it as being the other way around.

This may have been said to US by the perpetrators, because, in fact, many of us at that time were very young and were being forced to hide under our desks at school, then there was the Cuban Missile Crisis, the fear that the REDS, as they referred to the Chinese as taking over our country. The threat was perceived to be real.

The fear was being instilled in all of us no matter what our age, but, many of the mind control victims who were young, may have been told we were being trained to fight against this. The "cold war" was a hoax for this reason. Point the finger elsewhere as they always do to take the spotlight away from themselves. Distraction is key.

However, my INTELLIGENCE is that the communist takeover in our country began decades ago and has been escalating since that time.

The communists are inside our government.

Someday, it was said, we would all be living behind an iron curtain and ruled with an iron first by men who are behind the shadows, behind the curtains.

Is this not what are government has been and is at present?

In Peace,
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