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As far as the markings, I remember branding irons being used. These markings are better seen under flourescent/black lighting or during twilight.

It was said that I was government property. I belonged to the government and the butterfly marking on my left hand was my "identifying mark." We were tagged kind of like a "courier pigeon" would be.

Perhaps, for black operations that involved identifying those who belonged to MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

We had to wear butterfly barrets as another identifying feature.

Monarch was supposedly a different "calling," than those at other levels within the cult.

Of course, being told that I was government property did not sit well with me.

Is this what GOD would want? Would he want us to be the property of someone/something else? To be owned by others? How could I be a slave, I would ask? Wasn't slavery abolished? The answer would be yes, but we are using little white girls and boys now!

How could someone own me? Why wasn't I free? How could my government betray me and countless others? I was told through history books that we were free. That our government protected us. That America was the greatest nation on the face of the earth? How could this be?

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