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Default Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?

I remember reading on an Australian website, that I wish I could find again, that when a person drinks beer they are "Eating Shit".
Because the scientist said that in the process of making beer a microorganism, a living animal albeit small, eats a grain ( I don't know if I'm using the correct objects ) and then the excretion from this process ( feces from the microoranism ) is used to make beer.
So Satan has really infiltrated Molsons well.
Almost like " I will use Beer Companies to promote poison ( drinking liquid shit ) amongst young people that brings down inhibitions to having anti-family sex so more babies will be born to single mothers or more abortions will occur".

Remember the first time you had a beer? It tasted awful ( because you were really drinking s*** ) but now you're just used to it, acquired a taste, or addicted so you crave more.
So through heavy advertising Satan has made drinking s*** imperative to be popular or to be considered COOL!

The beer companies better suppress this topic pretty quick because if they don't, beer consumption might become uncool and cost them $5 billion in lost sales per year.

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