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For every criminal act of which they are a part, there is a purpose and a reason that benefits them and not society.

If America is the most powerful military might in the world and you believe our leaders protected us on 911 then ask yourself why they were unable to SCRAMBLE fighterpilots to intercept FOUR JUMBO JETS that were hijacked, off-course and with lost communication at virtually the same time.

If you believe our leaders protected us on that day, ask yourself why they failed to deploy military aircraft for interception of these jets.

Ask yourself why on any given day NORAD responds to aircraft that stray off course, but on this particular day they were BUSY with exercises.

They left us UNPROTECTED.

Ask yourself how these jets were able to hit their targets with percision to cause a complete detonation of the Twin Towers.

You must ask questions of yourself and not them to come to your own conclusions.

You must use the critical thinking capability that your were born with.

The answers will then be clear.

Ask yourself who are they protecting us from with the laws they have passed that suppress our freedoms.

The answer is that they are protecting themselves. They are suppressing our freedoms just as they do all over the world. They are stripping us slowly but surely of any bit of power that the people in America may still possess.

Ask yourself why they refer to any horrendous act of which they are a part as an ANNIVERSARY. An anniversary is something to be celebrated. I do not celebrate 911.

Ask questions and look to yourself for the answers.

All you will get from them is conflicting/confusing disinformation.

In Peace,
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