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Look around you. What do you see?

I will tell you what you see.

You see FEAR being thrust upon us.

Fear of hijackers in airplanes. Fear of subways, trains, cruiseships carrying explosives.

Search and seize measures conducted at airports, government facilities, stadium events, landmarks, etc., etc., etc.

You see people frustrated and angry. Frustrated with long lines at CHECKPOINTS at airports and elsewhere.

Please take NOTE and HEED of the word CHECKPOINT as used herein.

Will we soon be afraid to leave our country? Will we soon be afraid to use public transportation? Will we soon look at each other as the ENEMY. Will we soon have explosive devices thrown through windows at coffee shops?

Will we all soon become PRISONERS of our homes and trapped behind an IRON CURTAIN.

Will THEY enter our homes, seize our possessions without warrant under the PATRIOT ACT because we are all considered terrorists until proven otherwise?

Will they herd us into concentration camps and extinguish us when they see fit?

Will they protect us against another so-called terrorist attack or will this be the nail in the coffin so to speak?

I ask you again, what type of government exists in America?

In Peace,
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