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I am telling you what I know about THEM because I was there.

I am passing on to you my intelligence/knowledge of what they consider to be "government secrets." Those for which I was tortured.

I ask of you.

Are these "government secrets" that should be kept SECRET?

Would you have preferred that I not scratch and crawl my way out of hell to tell you, the American people what they have planned for our future.

Would you prefer not to know that we are controlled by a "satanic cult?"

Would you prefer NOT TO BELIEVE us, the victims, the survivors of this cult; those with intelligence who have warned you?

Would you prefer to walk with blinders on so that you do not have to confront a REALITY that is inconceivable, but true?

Should I succumb to their intimidation tactics, their 24/7 surveillance, and the perpetrators they deploy to harrass me?

Or, should I speak out against a government that seeks to destory humankind?

In Peace,
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