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I referred to the Nazi doctors as the "evil doctors."

I believe I spent much time at the FARM in their presence.

I don't know what it looks like today. But, I keep seeing a farmhouse and in close proximity I see a mountain.

I was often asked, "do you know who these men are?" This was due to my obstinent behavior. I would say, "oh, yes, I know." You've told me a thousand times.

They worked for Hitler and they are responsible for gasing, experimenting and torturing thousands of Jews.

You are to click your heels together and say, "Heil Hitler" when you see them. You are to salute them.

I would ask, "why should I say Hitler," when they are not Hitler?

They responded. Because, this is what you are told to do.

I believe there was a Nazi symbol branded on my chest at some point and it was said, "there, you are one of us now."

I will never be like you, I remarked. Oh, yes, you will. You have no choice, they said.

They spoke using broken English and used many Jewish terms.

It was said that Hitler was a Jew and that he killed his own kind.

I could have worked my way up the ladder as they refer to it. I could have had a position in politics, the military, the entertainment industry, a speech writer, someday possibly in the White House.

In otherwords, I could serve them and be enslaved in their world forever.

In Peace,
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