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There was a point on the site when I was feeling apprehensive about the assertions as to his "INNOCENCE" in my past.

I was being manipulated, controlled, placed in altered states of consciousness, but, as in the past, I did not lose control of my CORE personality entirely. I was able to stay aware and alert to a certain degree.

Had this not been the case on the site and in the past, I would not be who and where I am today.

There is a feeling that comes over one when THEY are attempting to SWITCH you. This is how I referred to it then and now. SWITCHING you from one alter to another. SWITCHING you with the snap of their fingers, commands, etc. SWITCHING your state of consciousness, state of mind, calling out alters, etc.

This never sat well with me. I wanted to be in CONTROL of myself.

I fought this always. I fought their hypnosis. I fought their ability to have control over my CORE personality. I believe this is what SAVED me from being a total MIND CONTROLLED SLAVE.

A poster on the site asked of me, "who lied?" The disinformation about me having been brainwashed against him by THEM because he was a witness to my abuse was called up and I responded, "THEY lied and NOTHING will keep us apart.

Having been "programmed" not to speak his name, I PMed a poster on the site who had communicated with me and typed his name over and over again in an effort to eradicate the FEAR associated with him.

In Peace,
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