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Fear can cause the fight or flight response. A certain amount of fear is a good thing. It alerts you to danger.

After my last comments, I am experiencing the FLIGHT response.

The reality of his involvement causes a feeling that I need to FLEE and/or hide. Like I was born to run or something.

I was "led" to believe that this fear/flight of him was instilled in me so that we could not be together so as to be witnesses against the goverment and their abuse.

It was implied that I went missing from him in the past or that I was kidnapped from him. This is disinformation to cover the real memories that I would go missing from my house for days and then have no recollection of whom or where I was or at least not tell my parents. It is also disinformation to re-enforce the implanted memories that the INSIDERS had kidnapped me and brainwashed me against him.

It was also implied that a helicopter came and took me away in the middle of the night and I was institutionalized after posting comments about having cut up my baby.

This speaks to the being MISSING and then returning from an institutionalization that left me "brainwashed" against him.

This, to cover the real memories of why I had been institutionalized and it probably goes back to the "razor blade" incident.

It was said I was a threat to society and myself.

A court scene still lingers. As if this was attempted before.

I was DAMAGED GOODS, they said and would never make a good witness.

And, then there are the words, "building a case against the government."

In Peace,
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