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Default Re: Darker than you think.

Peace John

Yes, it's hard to believe these things happen, but we have to get real and start thinking about the real causes.

Children are either abducted or sold by their relatives.

In our times Satan has successfuly severed the bonds that keep the communities together. We need strong communities who are "in control" of their environments without outside interference from strangers or the government. When we don't know our neighbors, how can we let our kids even go outside!

As for those who are sold, obviously it is an economic problem, Nepal is a good example. Now the UN impose economic sanctions on the "poor" countries that fail to combat child trafficing!. Which means that they acknowledge that these countries are not really poor, but it's the few corrupt leaders who suck the blood of these countries.

If the UN is really concerned, it should combat the citizen-slavery before combatting child-slavery.

Freedom is the secret word, what will bring down Satan's kingdom is the realization that the oppressors have no real power, only God has the power to harm or benefit. If everyone said No, an ocean of NOs will most certainly destroy the foundaitions of these parasitic governments like a huge tsunami.

God willing the day of Victory is near.
God\'s alternative, USN

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