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What they learned from US, those incarcerated in their programs, would be DEPLOYED upon the masses.

When I tell you that disinformation plays a large part in covering up their crimes, I am certain you can use 911 as an example. JFK, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy. To get to the truth is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

I digress in saying this, but mind control victims/survivors are examples of what occurs when disinformation/too much information and/or conflicting information is present.

They are also aware how to create PTSD in the masses by knowing how we were affected when exposed to horrendous acts.

So, if you think that JFK was not purposely shot in the back of the head so his brains would splatter all over the place on national television, think again. We were traumatized. Exposing us to the footage over and over again is like reliving the traumatic event.

Also, think about the Twin Towers. Captured on video so it can be replayed again and again.
We were traumatized.

Martin Luther King. We were traumatized.

Robert Kennedy. We were traumatized.

It was said they would never allow another Kennedy in the White House. And, then there was John John. We were traumatized.

Princess Di. We were traumatized.

Trauma, as they know, finds a place in your brain. That is why you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when these events occurred.

So, if they can continue to expose us to fear, to trauma, this affects our brain chemistry.

They know how to produce anxiety and when anxiety is present one cannot use critical thinking capabilities. One is distracted. Distraction is key to their GAME!

They know what makes us TICK!! They have studied us like rats in cages for a very, very long time.

Let me go back to JFK. What was said, is this. One shot to the back of the head and he'll be dead. His brains will be splattered all over the place for the world to see. POW!!!

I woke up shortly after 2001 and I believe I did so because 911 was in the planning stages for decades. They wanted to fly an airplane through a skyscraper; this is how they referred to it, and the Sears Tower was talked about at that time.

They were learning what tones, sounds, etc. could produce hypnotic states/trances and place people in a suggestible state of mind.

They use PARROTING in that they repeat the same thing over and over again, until the public accepts it. Until the public repeats it. Until you are brainwashed by their lies.

They are SALESMEN and use words like the PATRIOT ACT and bringing DEMOCRACY to Iraq so that their acts, their laws appear to be in our favor.

We were one BIG EXPERIMENT. We were used as guniea pigs. Can you imagine being in cages and so-called doctors standing over you and taking notes while you are foaming from the mouth from deprivations. Oh, look how her eyes are rolling into the back of her head and then being given a drop of water?

Can you imagine this?? Please do. Because this is what we were subjected to.

They were going to make an example out of me for anyone else, children in the neighborhood, etc. who might think about speaking out about them. This silencing mechanism, together with other tactics has worked on any acquaintances, biological family and/or friends who may have information about the "sadistic cult" and what I personally experienced.

There were HANGERS at some of the installations, military bases, etc. Perhaps at NASA and I believe this is where we were suspended in mid-air, so to speak. Hung from cages.

Not that money mattered, but at Bohemia Grove, we would have to model kind of like we were in a beauty pageant and we went to the highest bidder. The men are sitting around in a circle in chairs and we walk by each one of them with fancy dresses, etc.

Sometimes, we had to do strip tease acts. Strip naked for us, they would say. Let us see what you've got. Shake it baby, shake it. Come to papa.

WE had to smile for the camera and I remember it being said that our pictures were published in "girlie magazines" and distributed all over the world.

There is a chemical they put on a rag and place over your face that is used to heighten sexual arousal, but the name of it alludes me right now.

In Peace,
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