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As far as the razor blade incident, a man came into the house through the back door. He wore a stocking on his face.

The razor blades and money were under the bed. My sister was told to get them. She cut her fingers.

He said to hand them to me and for me to cut myself. Cut myself so that I would bleed to death.

I refused. My sister was forced to be an accessory.

When all was said and done, and I reported what happened, my sister denied the man and said that I did it to myself.

I was said to be delusional, psychotic, etc.

I always referred to it as being sent away and I believe there was more than one time.

The disinformation is just too unbelievable for me to repeat.

It would have been quite the discrediting factor.

The court scenes may be what occured before being released back into my parent's custody.

I do remember it being said that the records were sealed and only the judge could have them opened. Could be because I was a juvenile.

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