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There was disinformation about why he didn't talk to me in the past or why he wouldn't be able to talk to me in the future if we reconnected.

It was said that since we were witnesses together, there could be no collaboration. If it was going to go to court, we would have to remain apart until that time. We couldn't share information.

Since I was left in a state of mental distress, to help me recover my memory, it was suggested that I listen to music, his especially, and this would help jog my memory because there would be clues and messages contained within.

He would be able to drop hints, but, of course, as we know, listening to music, and dropping hints on his site, was used to call up the false information that had been planted long ago.

This, to keep me hanging on to the fairy-tale as if I he was waitin' on a sunny day or something.

When it was said that he wasn't a part of the cult, my response was, "how could that be, when most everyone you associate with is a part of it?"

In Peace,
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