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Was attacked on September 11, 2001 and our military invaded Iraq based on lies.

The NEW CIA director whom BUSH said was tapped, admitted that the President of the United States was FED lies in order to justify this invasion.

Who lied to him?

Why are their heads not rolling?

How did he know this?

What does America look like to others around the Globe?

I will tell you.

We look like TERRORISTS.

Our government only sought to instill more hatred of America by invading Iraq.

Our government only increased the chances of more terrorist attacks in America using the terrorist cells they own, operate and fund, by slaughtering thousands of innocent men, women and children in Iraq.

Is this one of their objectives?

Our government uses our military as their
"killing machines."

I ask of you.

Is America proud of her leaders?

If you are not, then imagine what we appear to be in the eyes of others around the world.

I tell you that America's military is not to be used to instill so-called DEMOCRACY in other countries.

Our military's first and foremost job is to protect America from enemy intrusion; hostile take-over.

Are we under a hostile take-over?

Will our military protect us or be used against us?

In Peace,

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