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Your brief comment is spot on!

People don't realise Communism and all its doctrines and strategies have totally infiltrated the West, without them noticing. Christopher Story says in his book "The European Collective" that the reason for this blindness lies in the Western way of thinking - pragmatism. Basically, his opinion is that the pragmatic mind is shortsighted and can't see more than a few years ahead. It's not familiar with conspiracy as a means to an end. The Eastern, Mongol mind on the other hand, is totally familiar with longterm strategies and conspiracies. There's a reason why Easterners (and Jews) are the best chess players in the world. They don't have a problem with planning ahead - 20-30 years ahead. Also, they know full well that the best way to defeat your foe is to attack him with a weapon that doesn't LOOK like a weapon.

Now think about another factor Story brings up, which is "criminalism". Basically, the Communist leaders have polluted, terrorized and forced the people into a mentality of "you have to cheat to survive". They've grown accustomed to crime as the only way to survive in a corrupt system. Now, that Communism has "collapsed" the West is actively inviting the "former" Communist states to join the EU. The West is arrogant and believes they won the Cold War and that Communism is defeated.

They obviously have not read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".

Never before have such mass immigration taken place from the "former" Eastern Bloc states. And since Communism is "no longer a threat" the guard is down and nobody is checking who's ACTUALLY getting into the country.

Communism is a label, it really is “Military Dictatorship, with enforced Patriotism”. There’s other labels like Democracy, which doesn’t seem to actually exist anywhere although it’s deemed the best system. The "Communist" label is remarkably untalked about in any media. So much so that it is conspicuous by it's absence. A remarkable achievement I suggest, where both left and right wing folk have given Communism a free ride - no longer a threat. Phew! An achievement that likely could only be brought about behind the scenes (hence the title of this site)
If there ever was a utopia it's DEMOCRACY.

Nowhere in the world exists a democracy which is uncorrupted. Actually, democracy invites any conspirators to conspire unchecked, since it's they can claim it's their "human right" to work for "their cause". Lobbyists are nothing more than agents - PSYCHOPOLITICIANS - of this or that ideology, using the immense freedom (chaos, actually) of a democratic system to, totally unhindered, subvert it and ultimately bring it down.

just because Team A is demonstrably corrupt and ‘hates’ or in this case used to hate Team B – does not mean that Team B is not also a negative force.
People often don't know in which pidgeonhole they should put me, because when I say I'm anti-Communist then they say "oh, you're a Nazi then?" No, I say, it's the same rubbish: totalitarian terrorist dictatorship. Only difference: Communism=International Socialism; Nazism=NATIONAL Socialism.
But chances are they haven't lived under either so they are not able to recognize it's characteristics. So really, most people don't know what they're talking about; I mean: if you were a Communist in Hungary in the 60's and if you didn't ask any questions you probably had a very good life that looked and felt like you had a choice of parties, opinions etc. You were allowed to travel abroad, got invited to party functions where you were treated to all kinds of luxuries. As far as you're concerned, any dissident is in the best case stupid not to want that life, or in the worst case a dangerous subversive threatening your comfortable lifestyle and the system that's providing that lifestyle.

I've run out of ammo (temporarily!;-)) so I'll stop.

Communism has overtly taken over almost half the world: Russia and China, and covertly even more: Africa. Almost all governments in Africa are Socialist or Communist. If not, then there is a guerrilla faction of Socialists or Communists fighting for supremacy.

How can people NOT see it?
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